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Schussbaumer History Video

Sadly, longtime Schussbaumer "unofficial historian" and member Al Soberanski passed away on May 28, 2010. In addition to maintaining documents and photographs, he had periodically given a slideshow presentation of the history of the Schussbaumer Ski Club.

Through the efforts of members Greg Barman and Mike Forney, Al's slideshow presentation has been re-created as a vimeo file. Greg Barman recorded the audio at the Schussbaumer Reunion on October 6, 2001... the last time Al gave his famous "history of the club" slideshow. Greg says, "Perhaps you were there that night. I made that recording using my home audio equipment hooked up to the P.A. system. It's a great, high-quality recording of Al, with occasional applause and laughter from the crowd."

The audio has been combined with the original slides, and is now available as a 37-minute video presentation. The talk includes: how and why the club was originally formed, the building of the original Schussbaumer Chalet (completed in 1955); the need to find a new location for a chalet due to the construction of Interstate I-70; the construction of the present chalet in Breckenridge in 1965; and the expansion of the chalet in 1980-1981.

Mike Forney obtained the materials from Al's family, then performed the work to synchronize the audio with the slides. A big thank you goes out to Greg and Mike for their respective contributions in preserving Al's presentation.